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Preservation and Conservation

Preservation and Conservation

Qatar National Library (QNL), a member of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development (QF), specifically highlights in its mission statement the importance of preserving cultural heritage.

QNL has a 250 square meters professional preservation and conservation laboratory fully equipped to handle any kind of preservation needs. The laboratory has 4 sections:

  • Preventive conservation section
  • Bio deterioration analysis and treatment section
  • Conservation section
  • Materials analysis to support conservation actions as well as codicological studies


IFLA PAC Regional Center for Arab Countries and the Middle East at QNL

The IFLA Strategic Program on Preservation and Conservation (PAC) was officially created during the IFLA annual conference in Nairobi in 1984 to focus efforts on issues of preservation and initiate worldwide cooperation for the preservation of library materials.

In line with its mission, since 2015, the QNL's conservation laboratory is the IFLA/PAC (Preservation and Conservation) Regional Center for the Arab Countries and Middle East, stressing the importance of international cooperation in this field. As a PAC Center, QNL offers the expertise of a fully trained international team and conservation facilities.

Our objective is to create a professional network of collaborative assistance to improve the strategy of preservation and conservation in the Arab countries and in the region in general. Our IFLA/PAC regional center's role is to support the Arab libraries through a series of activities and initiatives to promote, disseminate and improve the practices in preservation and conservation. This includes

  • creating an international network to share information and knowledge;
  • supporting and assisting Arab libraries in conservation issues;
  • producing and publishing information materials (in Arabic and English);
  • developing better disaster plan information;
  • organizing courses, workshops and meetings; and
  • translating into Arabic IFLA's guidelines and documents related to preservation and conservation.


Documents and materials related to preservation and conservation:


Preservation and Conservation

Contact us

For further information, especially if you are in one of the countries that are covered by our PAC regional center and you are interested in our activities, please do not hesitate to contact:

Stephane IPERT
Head of Preservation and Conservation,
Qatar National Library

Tel: +974 445 48147
PO Box: 5825, Doha – Qatar
Email: [email protected]

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