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Recommended Web Resources for Children


Al-Bustan Seeds of Culture Alphabet Game
Learn the Arabic alphabet with this fun online game

Offers songs, games, videos, and more.

My Arabic Website
Helpful site for those who are learning Arabic, and studying Islamic culture.


Al-Jazeera Children’s Channel
Enjoy fun activities related to your favorite children’s programs.
Enjoy fun activities related to your favorite children’s programs.

BBC Learning
Divided into subjects categories and each subject has separate link which offers games, exercises.

BBC Schools
High quality website which offers subjects for children ages 4-11. Also it has three online illustrated books for young children that can be viewed with or without audio.

British Council
Has a very nice collection of flash animated song and audio read-a-long stories. Games and other activities are also available.

Offers some reading skills software for children 18 months to 6 years of age, which may also be used online without downloading.

Internet Public Library
Offers a unique learning environment by giving various links to different subjects.

IXL learning
Covers Math aspects from Pre- K Level to Algebra Level and each level organized skills into categories.

Kids Know It
This site features reading for children, along with educational puzzles and games.

Kids Nursery Rhymes
Has over than 1200 nursery rhymes for online viewing. Also has sing along rhymes and some nursery rhyme disco recordings available for download in MP3.

NASA Kids’ Club 
Have valuable information about space, also it offers games and video clips. 

Has a high quality read along stories as well as several short educational videos for young children, games and other activities.

Offer games, crafts and other activities. Also it has a small collection of children's books for online viewing.

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