Science Book Forum

Science Book Forum
The term “cultural heritage” is often associated with historical receipts, poetry and archeological artifacts. Many would find it surprising that Qatar would be among very few cultures that have lived and thrived by a unique scientific heritage that is largely unknown to the public let alone explored.

Early Qatari’s population from 6000 years ago to present have witnessed several natural phenomena that have substantially shaped Qatar’s identity and history. From early agriculture and fishing activities to Qatar’s Flag, habitants of Qatar peninsula have potentially developed unique knowledge on groundwater, sea-level rise, dune movements, coral reef, and navigation. They have probably understood complex scientific phenomena’s as the occurrence of climate change and mitigated their daily survival around it. Today, Qatar continue to go through unique environmental changes making it a genuine case study for understanding several natural phenomena’s that define arid-environments. 

A crucial element in exploring, building and maintaining the scientific heritage of the nation, is encouraging the next generations on reading science books that build their intellectual capabilities to understand our rapidly changing world, encouraging them to pursue higher-education in science and engineering, hence establishing them as builders of modern civilization.

Science readings are also one of the most important aspects of human and economic evolution in modern societies. Today a large portion of the Arab youth are to be introduced to the importance of exploring scientific and technical advances through methodological reading and assimilation of the basic scientific facts that govern our world evolution.
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For instance, questions related to climate change, water resources, desertification, space exploration, renewable energy, food security and others that define the sustainability of a proper development in Qatar and the region remain poorly understood let alone present in the public domain for the reader to understand it. 

We propose to address this deficiency by establishing a Science Reading initiative at QNL that will build a modern numerical multimedia platform that aims to attract more readers to science books. We will achieve this objective through the production of short videos that introduce specific sets of books readings on critical scientific questions of relevance to the Arab reader. Additionally, we will establish a world-class quaternary forum that will publicly discuss critical book sets on a specific topic that represent a milestone in scientific advances and addresses scientific misconceptions relevant to the Arab world. Finally, we will establish a monthly follow up to young readers to meet the scientists and the book authors in QNL.

Our objectives can be summarized as below:

  • Encourage the young generation to enroll in science and engineering studies on QF campus, by building their scientific curiosity and critical thinking assimilated from science book readings. 
  • Build a modern digital platform (with a strong presence on social media) that attract readership and interactive assimilation of scientific books for the youth.
  • Harbor public discussions on scientific books and ideas that have substantially changed human intellectual evolution and sustainable development. 
  • Establish QNL as the first Arab library with a Science Forum initiative that helps communicate Arab science literature, nationally, regionally and worldwide.
  • The initiative will be in partnership with the University of Southern California. More partners and sponsors will be added as the forum reaches out to larger audience nationally and internationally.


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