SBF Videos

In the August 2020 session of the Science Book Forum, Dr. Elizabeth Palmer from the University of Southern California shared stories about historic impacts of asteroids, what scientists found when they landed a satellite for the first time ever on a comet, and how these small bodies are making craters on the Moon and Mars even today. Click here to watch the video

This session of the Science Book Forum featured Moroccan researcher Youssef Moulin, who discussed the major astronomical observatories and their role in our understanding of the origins and evolution of the universe and the celestial bodies in it. Click here to watch the video

This special online session of the Science Book Forum was conducted via Dr. Essam Heggy's Facebook account and discussed the environmental impacts of the Covid-19 lockdown in Qatar and how the vulnerability to natural disasters such as storms, earthquakes and tsunamis increases during pandemics. Click here to watch the video

In 1869, the Russian scientist Dmitri Mendeleev discovered the Periodic System. The year 2019 marks the 150th anniversary of the establishment of the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements. Watch here how the Library celebrated this occasion.

Las Cumbres Observatory is a unique network of robotic telescopes used for scientific and educational projects by thousands of people around the world. This workshop talked about some of the scientific discoveries that have come from the observatory, including the detection of the first-ever kilonova astronomical event. To watch the workshop video, click here.