Explore the Young Adults' Section


Welcome to the Young Adults' Section!

Young adults from the age of 12 years and older are invited to enjoy exploring and learning from QNL’s Young Adults' Section. We aim to provide an inspirational learning space for students in the final half of their school years to not only fall in love with reading, but also to discover their interests and talents through engaging with the space and its vast collection of resources.

We have a specialized library space that houses fun electronic gadgets as well as a collection of more than 30,000 books for young adults!

We offer our young adults:

  • A vast collection of fiction, non-fiction, graphics books and magazines
  • School curriculum and college preparation textbooks  
  • Latest video game consoles and gadget stations
  • The ability to try and experiment with different musical instruments  
  • State of the art computer labs that will have the latest programs and applications as well as study rooms
  • Training to improve information and research skills
  • Various youth designed clubs
  • Homework support by our specialized librarians 
  • Various self and career development programs 

Most importantly, our librarians are dedicated to serving the needs of young adults and their families by being available to answer any questions related to the collection and other library resources. Our team is always ready to help with access and use of these resources to ensure our visitors make the most of their visit.