Interlending and Document Supply Service


Our Interlending and Document Supply (ILDS) service provides you with materials in an electronic or print format that are not available in the Library’s resources and collections. If after searching the Catalog and Online Resources you can’t find the material you are looking for, you may click here to request this service.


Individual Library members are eligible to request materials through the ILDS.

Materials that can be requested

  • Journal articles
  • Book chapters or sections
  • Conference proceedings
  • Reports
  • Books 

Materials not eligible for request

  • DVDs
  • CDs
  • Microfilm
  • Library use only (reference) materials

Submitting a request

  • All requests should be submitted through this page with detailed bibliographic information, including article title, journal or book title, author’s name, publisher’s name, year of publication and ISBN/ISSN.
  • We do not accept ILDS requests by phone or email.


The ILDS is free of charge for all Library members.

Turnaround time

Processing any ILDS material, in general, takes one working day and up to a maximum of seven days from the time of request until delivery. Each request is processed case-by-case, and some might take longer due to delays at the supplier’s end or because of a standard mail delivery delay.

Document delivery

The requested material is sent to the requester via email.

Copyright information

The ILDS service follows Qatar Copyright Law and the IFLA's International Resource Sharing and Document Delivery: Principles and Guidelines for Procedure. Requesters of the ILDS must obey the copyright law in Qatar and any obligations imposed by the supplying library. The supplied documents must not be used for commercial purposes. They can only be used for private study, scholarship or research. In particular, the requester is not allowed to sell or distribute the document to others.

Contact information

Please write to us if you have any inquiries regarding the status of your request.

Check the FAQs for additional information on ILDS.