Reading and Study Spaces

Reading spaces

The library has a variety of reading spaces, ranging from open spaces and reading rooms that are equipped with tables, lights, power outlets and internet points, to seating spaces between the bookshelves, consisting of sofas, seating cubes and benches with power points, where one can enjoy reading in relative intimacy and proximity to the books.

There are also 28 study carrels that serve as quiet spaces for individual study, equipped with a desk, a bookcase and power outlets. The Heritage Library area also offers researchers a reading space with a capacity for 14 people, containing desks and power outlets.

Need to reserve a study space?

The Library also offers a number of group study rooms and collaborative spaces that are equipped with state-of-the-art technical and lighting facilities, as well as audiovisual equipment for multi-purpose use. These spaces are listed below and require reservation in advance. Reservation can be done through the links given against each one.

Type of Space Number of Spaces Size and Capacity Equipment Reservation
  Study Rooms 6

12.63 m2,
2 people

  Seating and power sockets Reserve Now

  Group Study Rooms

(L1026 – L1027)


223.08 m2
3-6 people

  Seating and power sockets Must be booked in person by a QNL member at the User Services Desk.
  Media Viewing Rooms 3

27.75 m2, 
8 people

 • Presentation 
 • TV screen
 • Media Server 
 • Technician Page
Reserve Now