The Library Building

The 45,000 square meters state-of-the-art library building is designed to encourage library visitors to explore the progression of knowledge from the past to the present. It is designed to achieve balance between content availability and accessibility, on the one hand, and content preservation and security, on the other.

To achieve that, the building houses the following:

  • Secured and humidity-controlled display cases that are well-distributed in the Heritage Library area, as well as on the bridge to showcase the collection and draw visitors’ attention to explore more about it
  • Conservation Laboratory that will be used to conserve and restore the collection for future generations
  • Digitization Laboratory that will work as the National Digitization Center and will use state-of-the-art technology for digital preservation of the collection

Cutting-edge technology is a prominent part of the building; it is used not only to make the building user-friendly but also user-attractive. This cutting-edge technology will include the following:

  • The “Radio Frequency Identification” (RFID) book sorter system will enable the library visitors to use self-check-in/out stations for a faster and more convenient use of the library collection. It also provides good functions of the library management such as security and better collection and inventory management.
  • The “People Mover” system will provide a platform to transport library users in the tiers area providing convenience, as well as a pleasant experience to the visitors.
  • A wide range of computer systems, tablets, interactive screens, and audiovisual equipment is provided and are well-distributed in different areas of the building to fit different users’ needs and improve their experience.

The building will also have facilities for individual and group study and research. These facilities will be suitable for different age groups and demographic features of the Qatar community. This includes:

  • Assistive technology area with all equipment and specialized software applications to enhance the experience of users with special needs
  • 686 square meters children’s section
  • Dedicated area for young adults
  • 6 instruction/tutoring rooms
  • 21 various size individual and group study rooms
  • 27 student and faculty carrels in different locations in the building
  • 2 multimedia rooms
  • Auditorium with about 120 seats

Finally, the building will house a specially designed restaurant, a café, and a special events area to enhance the social and recreational aspect of visitors’ experience.