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General Information

Parties that wish to undertake photography and/or videography within the Library's premises are kindly requested to go through the following steps in order to obtain related approvals:

  • Request and receive the permission of QF Communications Directorate for filming and photography. To ask for permission from Qatar Foundation Communications, the requesting party should visit here:

Once QF approves the request, the Library's International Relations and Communications department will contact the requesting party to finalize details. The requesting party must provide all needed information and/or documents at least two days before accessing the Library's premises.

Guidelines, Terms and Conditions

  • Notice Period:  If the Library will only be used as a location, two weeks’ notice is required; if special arrangements are required from the Library staff, at least one month’s notice is required.
  • The Library reserves the right to decline any request.
  • Photography/filming may only take place during the Library's opening hours.
  • The requesting party must provide accurate and full information when submitting the photography/filming request.
  • Consent forms from individuals being photographed/filmed must be shared with the Library's International Relations and Communications through: [email protected]
  • Please do not photograph the Library staff or visitors without obtaining their consent first.
  • Photography/filming of visitors, students, teachers or staff will require the media outlet to obtain written consent from each individual.
  • Crew members of the requesting party are not allowed to move library books without informing a Library's International Relations and Communications representative.
  • Any damages caused to the library’s facilities during the filming period are the responsibility of the requesting party. The requesting party will be liable for any resulting costs.
  • The Library is not responsible for the content of the videos filmed on its premises.

Important Note: Equipment will be checked on the day of the shoot to ensure that all items correspond with the provided list. Please upload a list of all the equipment you will be using at the Library, including cameras, lighting (include type and wattage), and additional equipment (tripods, weights, etc.), as well as their serial numbers.

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