Arabic Language and Insights into the Qur’an Take Center Stage at Qatar National Library's April Events

1 April 2024

This April, Qatar National Library is offering its visitors the opportunity to delve into the richness of the Arabic language and gain further insights into the Qur’an, among other activities it will be hosting during the remainder of the holy month.

On 3 April, the Library kicks off its activities with the children-oriented series, “Stories from the Qur’an”. The series, which was unveiled last month to mark the beginning of Ramadan, introduces children to the wisdom behind the Qur’an’s stories.

On 7 April, the Library resumes its second initiative for the holy month under the title, “Fiqh and Beauty”. The series aims to familiarize young people with the important role that Islam awarded to women and the principles of purity, prayer, and ethics.

Non-native speakers will have the opportunity to learn the basics of the Arabic language on 14 April during a workshop organized by Qatar National Library in cooperation with the Tomouh Initiative. The session, which targets beginners, will be followed by an advanced level workshop.

Then, on 16 April, the Library will hold the ‘Najem Es'hail Book Club”, an educational and fun series in English designed to encourage children to read.

On 20 April, the Library will shift its focus to gaming with the launch of the first part of a workshop on the principles of designing a video game. The workshop will take participants on a thrilling journey into the world of game design, offering insights into the diverse career paths within the industry, from independent game creation to studio positions, distribution paths and marketing trends.

Technology will be the focus of another workshop on the same day dedicated to using AI tools in research. The workshop will focus on adherence to academic integrity and the ethical standards of scientific research when using modern technologies in academic writing.

On 23 April, the Library is hosting a three-day intensive masterclass on historical nonfiction to empower young authors to leverage its archives and support them in writing about the Gulf region.

Also, on 23 April, the Library shifts its focus back to linguistics with another insightful lecture that delves into comparisons between Arabic and English. Dr. Ahmed Al-Janabi, a renowned linguist with a PhD in the Philosophy of Arabic Language and Literature, will explore connections between both languages using the lens of comparative linguistics.

On 25 April, the Library will host the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra for an enchanting evening that fuses culture and art with the timeless notes of Brahms' String Quintet. The Library resumes its literature-oriented activities on 27 April with the “Talk of Pens Club” series, which creates a space for aspiring writers to exchange experiences, and brainstorm and discuss writing ideas while learning how to describe characters and plot to formulate a story in Arabic.

The event will be followed by the second instalment of the Principles of Game Design.

On the same day, the Library will also hold the "Our Children Matter" series with coach Ghaya Salah, a family counsellor and certified practitioner in nurturing talents, who will discuss the stages of language development in children and how the brain acquires language skills.

The Library will wrap up the day with the latest session of its Career Launchpad program, which equips job seekers with the essential tools and expertise needed to craft impressive resumes and excel in interviews. Participants will delve into the art of constructing compelling resumes that capture attention and highlight their unique skills and experiences.

Finally, on 30 April, the Library will conclude the month’s activities with “Academic Integrity and Plagiarism” which will introduce students to the concept of academic integrity, its standards and its importance in academic research, as well as the useful techniques on how to avoid plagiarism.

The Library encourages all community members to register for its events. For more information about the Library’s various activities, and in order to register and attend these events, please visit our website at or download our application on App Store or Google Play.