What Direction Will The World Take Post-COVID-19?

The world has changed in countless ways as a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The global health crisis has exposed inequalities in human development and magnified the challenges faced by many communities across the world.  

While the world wrestles against the coronavirus, it confronts many questions—perhaps the biggest being how societies will cope going forward, and which direction they will take.  

On Thursday, 4 February, Qatar National Library, in partnership with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Arab Youth Climate Movement Qatar and the Embassy of Sweden in Qatar, will host a talk by one of the lead authors of the latest Human Development Report.  

The event, “Human Development in the Post-COVID Era: Which Way Forward?” will discuss the UN’s Human Development Report 2020 and explore the next frontier for human progress in the age of Anthropocene. 

Abeer Saad Al Kuwari, Director of Research and Learning Services at the Library, said: “This global crisis has certainly changed the way people live. While many of these changes will likely become part of the new norm, perhaps one of its deeper consequences is magnifying inequalities and exposing gaps in the global community. How we address these serious societal issues as we work toward recovery will shape our post-pandemic world. We at the Library understand the importance of this subject and realize the public’s eagerness to find out more about it.” 

The Library has also created a dedicated COVID-19 guide on its website that is constantly updated to share reliable information about the coronavirus. The initiative is part of the Library’s efforts to raise awareness and provide the public with the information they need regarding the pandemic. Another online event, which will explore the spread of fake news about the COVID-19 pandemic and its vaccines, will be held on 30 January. It will look at where to obtain credible and authentic medical information about the coronavirus and its vaccines. 

“Human Development in the Post-COVID Era: Which Way Forward?” will take place online from 6:00 – 7:30 PM and will be delivered in English. Those who wish to attend the event can register at https://events.qnl.qa/event/ml1VM/EN