Role of science in shaping national identities discussed at Qatar National Library

11 November 2018
science book forum lecture photo

The role of scientists in creating a path to peace in times of hostility was explored at the inaugural session of the Science Book Forum, which took place at Qatar National Library on 16 October 2018.

The Science Book Forum is a reading initiative established by the Library to encourage young people to develop a lasting interest in scientific literature. The forum will hold monthly discussions to explore topics that are key to Qatar’s sustainability and development, such as climate change, water security, desertification, space exploration, renewable energy and food security.

The guest speaker at today’s session was Dr. Richard O’Kennedy, Qatar Foundation Vice President for Research, Development and Innovation. Dr. O’Kennedy highlighted the role that science can play in shaping a national identity and achieving the ambition of a knowledge-based, tolerant and diverse society.

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