Green Mangroves Group Calls for Rethinking Plastic Use During a Talk at Qatar National Library

Green Mangroves Group Calls for Rethinking Plastic Use

Qatar National Library’s focus on sustainability during February culminated in a strong call to action at ‘Saving the Blue’ on 29 February. The talk featured the founders of Green Mangroves, a locally based program of Qatar Foundation International that brings people together to protect the country's natural water and mangroves.

The Green Mangroves activists shared simple steps that anyone can take to reduce plastic use and contribute to protecting the oceans.

“People can reduce their plastic use by taking very simple steps in their daily lives. Instead of using normal plastic bags, opt for reusable cloth bags for shopping. Keep them in your car so you won’t forget them at home,” said Lina Altarawneh, co-founder of Green Mangroves, who spoke at the event. “Usually coffee cups are lined with plastic, so get your own reusable cups and take them with you to the cafes. Use bar soap at home instead of shampoo and soap from plastic pump dispensers.”

A visitor to the Library, Roy Collado, who attended the event, said: “It is very important for us to be aware of what we are consuming and how this affects the environment. I learned some useful tips about how to make my daily activities more environmentally friendly. We should act more responsibly in using plastic and do our bit to help this absolutely crucial cause.”