Exhibition is part of the Library’s focus on the theme of Faith during the month of May

Qatar National Library Presents “Holy Kaaba Exhibition”

Holy Kaaba Exhibition

Qatar National Library is organizing the “Holy Kaaba Exhibition” from 1 May to 1 October. The distinctive exhibition, which opened today at the Library, is a visual representation of the history of the cube-structured building at the center of Islam’s most sacred mosque in the city of Makkah - and the most sacred site of Islam.

The exhibit includes more than 50 carefully curated items including photos, works of art, books and manuscripts, offering deeper insights into the history of the Holy Kaaba. Visitors can learn about the stages of its construction and its architectural features and adornment.

The items on display highlight the religious and spiritual significance of the Holy Kaaba and affirm the deep effect the site has had on visitors for many centuries.

Abeer Al Kuwari, Acting Director of Distinctive Collections at the Library, said: “The theme of faith is in focus at the Library this month as we begin to prepare for Ramadan, and we invite the public to come and visit the exhibition and interact with these valuable historical texts, manuscripts and rare items.”

“Through these events, the Library seeks to widen knowledge and understanding. We hope that, as visitors reflect on the historical roots of the Holy Kaaba, the experience will add a fresh dimension to their understanding of Islam as a religion. The exhibition also affirms the Library’s influence as an institution of reference for Islamic history and the Arab culture, both in the region and beyond.”

During the month of May, which also sees the beginning of Ramadan, visitors to Qatar National Library will be able to engage in activities that highlight topics relating to faith.