Legal expert highlighted working applications of the laws

Qatar National Library’s Lecture Discusses Application of International Humanitarian and Human Rights Law

International Humanitarian and Human Rights Law

Visitors to Qatar National Library attended a lecture and learned about the sources and applications of International Humanitarian Law and International Human Rights Law. The lecture was organized at the Library as part of a series of events focusing on human rights throughout the month.

Dr. Sama Al Shawi, legal expert at Qatar’s Ministry of Justice, shared useful insights about the differences and relationships between the two laws, providing examples of how both can complement each other, and how they are applied in the international arena.   

“As the Library is focusing on human rights during this month, my lecture comes at the right time to explore the meaning of the two legal systems and how they interact with each other,” said Dr. Al Shawi. “It is important to raise awareness about the two laws, and spread specific knowledge about them. The Library is a very suitable place for this and other similar lectures in the future.”

An attendee at the lecture, Abdulrahman Mohammed, law student at Qatar University, said: “I enjoyed the lecture as it shared practical knowledge about two important laws applied everywhere in the world. I am glad that the Library is focusing on human rights this month and I encourage students to attend these lectures to learn new topics.”