Qatari Women Entrepreneurs Share Success Stories at Qatar National Library

Qatari Women Entrepreneurs Share Success Stories at Qatar National Library

Several Qatari women shared their entrepreneurial success stories with visitors at Qatar National Library to mark International Women’s Day.

Speakers at the panel discussion, “Influential Women in Qatar: A Discussion on the Role of Women in the Qatari Community’’, which was moderated by Dr. Latifa Al Darwish, Chief Executive Officer of project management company Itlaq, explored the pioneering role women have played in the development of the Qatari community.

Rasha Al Sulaiti, the initiator of the first Arabic audiobook project in Qatar; Shaza Ali, Production Manager of Purplebox, an e-shopping platform; Hissa Hamed, a pioneer in the volunteering field; Elham Al Ansari, volunteer activist and fashion designer; and Chef Nouf Al Marri, founder of Kashta restaurant and Chef Nouf Company for restaurant management, took part  in the panel discussion.

“I have founded three restaurants so far. I am very proud of what I have achieved. We have several successful Qatari women entrepreneurs who have achieved so much over the past decade, and have made us very proud,” said Chef Nouf. “We need to teach entrepreneurship at an early age to have more successful entrepreneurs. The Library is the right place for people to improve their business knowledge.”

Another speaker at the event, Elham, said: “Building your own business is a step-by-step process. You cannot build it in one day. It requires time, patience and resources. You should start somewhere, maybe at the Library, and go on from there. I want everyone to attend workshops, trainings and network with people to improve their skills.”

Luanda Buffet, a participant at the event, said: “I recently moved to Qatar, and I am very delighted to attend this event to learn about an important topic. Everyone I met at the event provided me with useful information about Qatar, the life here, and how to be successful.”