Arabic Humanities

Welcome to QNL’s Arabic Humanities Subject Guide!

This guide covers Arabic Humanities which includes literature, arts, philosophy, psychological studies, media, religions, political science, sociology, and anything related to human phenomena in the Arabic language.

This guide provides an overview of recommended QNL collections on Arabic humanities such as databases, books, journals, reference and other resources, printed or digital, that are accessible through different websites and platforms.

Please search the QNL Catalog to find out which of the recommended resources can be accessed in digital format on the QNL website. The catalog also indicates where these resources can be obtained if available only in a printed format.

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Use the following databases to search for articles, books, ebooks and other publications in the field of Arabic humanities. For a comprehensive list of databases available for free on the Library website, please visit the QNL Online Resources Page. 

Al Manhal Database
Al Manhal is a leading database that provides Library members access Arabic ebooks from the Arab world's leading universities, research centers and scientific societies.

Dar Almandumah
Dar Almandumah offers a wide range of Arabic resources, including: AraBase, a rich resource of mostly periodicals and yearbooks published in Arabic worldwide since 1934, as well as academic journals in language and literature; EduSearch, an educational informatics gateway for specialists and researchers in the field of education; and HumanIndex, a pioneering source in the humanities that offers access to research and studies published in Arabic since 1940.

Print Books

Al-Jiusi, S. A.; Hulud, R.; Rimon, A. (Eds). (2014). The City in the Islamic World. Beirut: Center for Arab Unity Studies. (Arabic)
Call No.: 307.76097671 M182MA
This book portrays the Islamic city and all its features, including mosques, palaces, markets, public baths, houses and tombs. It explains city planning, water systems, administrative buildings, education, endowments and public order. In describing the various aspects of the Islamic city, the book covers fields such as engineering, architecture, monuments, urbanism, history and more.

Al-Muhammadawi, A. (2015). Political Philosophy: Revealing What Is Being and Talking about What Should be in Order to Live Together. Beirut: Dar Al-Rawafid Al-Thaqafiyah. (Arabic)
Call No.: 320.01 M952 FA
Is our political reality as it should be? This exciting book discusses the ongoing debate between political theory and political practice, examining both using political philosophy known for its four roles: the practical role, the guiding role, the role of settlement and the impact role.

Hijazi, M. (2010). Psychology and Globalization: Future Views on Education and Development. Beirut: Arab Cultural Center. (Arabic)
Call No.: 370.15 H462 EA
What do we need to build and develop a knowledge society that is able to cope with the developments of the era and to cement a position among creative and innovative societies amid contemporary challenges? How do we build promising cadres capable of shaping the future? This interesting book discusses some of the future views on education and development by focusing on psychological health and stressing the importance of knowledge as a driving force for building societies.

Manaf, A.H. (2011). Philosophy of Media and Communication: Analytical Study of Fossilized Media Arrays. Amman: Dar Safaa for Publishing and Distribution. (Arabic)
Call No.: 302.2301 M266FA
Manaf offers an analytical study of the types and techniques of the biological communication process. He also discusses communication and media theory in the age of globalization through examples of the different schools of media. In addition, the book provides an overview of Arab satellite channels.


This is a list of recommended ebooks on Arabic humanities. For more ebooks, search the QNL Catalog.

Abd-al-Jabbar, N.A. (2009). History of Social Thought. Dar Dijlah Publishers and Distributors. (Arabic) 
This book introduces sociology by focusing on its roots, phases of development and social ideas adopted by philosophers and thinkers throughout the ages to the formation of what we now know as sociology.

Al-Mawardi, A. (2012). Al-Ahkam As-Sultaniyya: The Laws of Islamic Governance. Turath for Solution. (Arabic) 
In this is content–rich traditional book, Al-Mawardi discusses the rights and obligations of rulers to establish justice in their jurisdictions.

Fadali, A.A. (2009). Environment and Means of Preservation from an Islamic Perspective or in Islam. Dar al-Kutub Al-‘Ilmiyah for Publishing and Distribution. (Arabic)
Fadali addresses the concept of environment and its historical development, the causes of environmental pollution, the environment, and the importance and means of preserving the environment through Islamic legislation.

Hasanein, I.J. (2011). Technological Psychology. Dar Ghayda’ for Publishing and Distribution. (Arabic)[DB1] 
This book discusses technological psychology fields, which recently appeared in the age of the knowledge and technology boom that has affected individual behavior and thought patterns. Hasanein offers a historical overview of the subject and discusses human nature, technological development and the pyramid structure of industry. He also addresses the informal organization and nature of work, and explores frustration and the individual state of mind.

Ibn Taymiyyah, T.A. (2012). Al-Siyasah Al- Shar'yyah. Turath for Solutions. (Arabic)
Taymiyyah explores what Muslim rulers should do in terms of upholding justice and equality, preserving rights, enforcing punishment, and several issues that ensure the building of a cohesive, loving and modern Islamic society.


The following are some recommended e-journals in the field of Arabic humanities.

Dirasat (Studies) – Humanities and Tradition
Dirasat is published in specialized issues in the following fields: business, humanities and social sciences, educational sciences, Sharia and law, basic sciences, engineering, agriculture, medicine, and biology. The magazine carries original scientific research in all these fields from the University of Jordan and others in Arabic, English or French. It is published by the University of Jordan’s scientific research department.
Electronic copy available via the Dar Almandumah database.

Majallat Al-Hikmah Lildirasat Al-Falsafiyah (Hikmah Journal for Philosophical Studies)
Published by Kunuz al-Hikma for Publishing and Distribution, Algeria, this journal that focuses on scientific research and philosophical studies.
Electronic copy available via the Dar Almandumah database.

Majallat Al-Usur (Ages Journal)
A peer-reviewed biannual scientific journal, published by Dar al-Marrikh, Saudi Arabia, that focuses on historical, archeological and cultural studies.
Electronic copy available via the Dar Almandumah database.

Majallat Risalat Al-Maktaba (Library Message Journal)
A peer-reviewed quarterly journal that focuses on library and information science, published by the Association of Libraries and Information since 1965. It is the first scientific periodical on library and information sciences in the Arab world. 
Electronic copy available via the Dar Almandumah database.

Hawliyat Kulliyat Al-Insaniyat wa-Al-Ulum Al-Ijtima’iyah (Annual Journal of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences)
A magazine focused on social sciences, published by Qatar University.
Electronic copy available via the Dar Almandumah database.

Al-Majalla Al-Dawliy Lil’ulum Al-Ijtima’iyah (International Social Science Journal)
The International Social Science Journal (ISSJ) was launched by UNESCO in 1949. It is a quarterly journal published in English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese and Russian. The magazine addresses different issues from around the world and is edited by a staff of international authors. ISSJ focuses on issues related to policies and bridges between sciences. It is considered a forum for consultation, thinking and debate. It is fueled by related research findings rather than “preliminary publishing” of individual research.
Electronic copy available via the Dar Almandumah database.

Dirasat Arabiya Filtarbiyah wa-‘Ilm Al-Nafs (Arab Studies in Education and Psychology)
This internationally peer-reviewed regional Arab magazine, published in Saudi Arabia, focuses on research and topics related to education and psychology.
Electronic copy available via the Dar Almandumah database.

Online Resources

UOBabylon Journal of Humanities
A peer-reviewed scientific journal published on a quarterly basis. The journal features authentic innovative research in all fields of humanities.

Journal Collections – Al Manhal
The Al Manhal peer-reviewed journals collection is the only electronic database providing full-text search capabilities of Arabic peer-reviewed publications. It provides students and researchers in Arab and Islamic affairs with the ability to access tens of thousands of published articles in hundreds of periodicals published by established universities and research institutes around the world.

Omran Journal
This peer-reviewed periodical journal on social sciences, published by the Arab Center for Research & Policy Studies, emerged out of questions and difficulties of the methodological and functional dilemma that Arab humanities and social sciences face in an era of major social changes.

Jil Journals
Published by the Jil Scientific Research Center, these journals focus on humanities and social studies, psychology, education, sociology, philosophy, history, library and documentation science, media and communication science, and archeology.

The Arab Journal for Humanities
This Algerian international peer-reviewed journal, published quarterly both electronically and in print, focuses on peer-reviewed studies and research on humanities, social sciences, Islamic sciences, literature, languages, arts, law, political science and related sciences.

Organizations and Associations

International Federation of Library Associations (IFLA)
IFLA is the leading international body representing the interests of libraries, people who rely on libraries and information professionals.

Arab League Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization (ALECSO)
ALECSO is an Arab League specialized organization focusing on promoting Arab culture by developing and coordinating the fields of education, culture and sciences regionally and nationally. ALECSO was established in accordance with article 3 of the Arab Cultural Unity Charter in Cairo on 25 July 1970.

The Arab Council for the Social Sciences (ACSS)
ACSS is an independent regional organization dedicated to strengthening social science research and knowledge production in the Arab world. By supporting researchers and academic and research institutions, ACSS aims to contribute to the creation, dissemination, validation and use of social science research. It also aims to enhance the role of social science in public life and inform public policy in the region.


“Your life is formed by your thoughts. The happiness, sadness, irritation or calmness of somebody is derived solely from himself.”
Muhammad Al-Ghazali

“Know that all life and circumstances (for the legislator) is but a ride to the afterlife. Whoever loses the ride loses the destination.”
Ibn Khaldun

“Illusion is half the illness. Assurance is half the cure. Patience is the first step towards recovery.”


Arif, Nasr (2014). Theories of contemporary political development: critical, comparative study in light of Islamic culture perspective. (Master’s Thesis). Cairo University, Egypt. (Arabic)

Abu-Zahir, Nadia (2008). Civil society between descriptive and normative: untangling dilemma of concept and the chaos of meanings. (Master’s Thesis). Birzeit University, Palestine. (Arabic)