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The library is witnessing many developments in technology, which makes it easier to organise information and knowledge for the accessibility of users on a large scale through different means and methods.

This guide provides an overview of recommended QNL collections on library and information studies, such as databases, books, journals, reference and other resources, printed or digital, that are accessible through different websites and platforms.

Please search the QNL Catalog to find out which of the recommended resources can be accessed in a digital format on the QNL website. The catalog also indicates where these resources can be obtained if available only in a printed format.

For study or general reference questions and further assistance on how to find relevant materials for your information needs, please feel free to contact us through the Ask QNL Librarians service.


The following databases include articles, books, ebooks and more materials related to library and information studies. For a comprehensive list of QNL databases, please visit QNL Online Resources.

Books in Print Global Edition
Books in Print contains records for millions of in-print, out-of-print and forthcoming books. It also includes ebook, audiobook and video titles. Reviews from well-known resources are included when available. The global edition contains records of titles from the US, Canada, Europe and Australia.

De Gruyter ebooks
De Gruyter offers full-text access to more than 2,000 ebooks covering a wide variety of content in the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, medicine and more.

Ebook Central
Ebook Central (formerly ebrary) offers ebooks from trusted publishers in all academic subject areas, including business, computing, engineering, fine arts, history, literature, medicine and religion.

Periodicals Index Online (ProQuest)
This database is a leading multidisciplinary index to the arts, humanities and social sciences. It includes international journals in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and most other European languages; over 30% of the content indexed is from non-English scholarly titles.

Print Books

Below is a list of recommended print books. For more books, search the QNL Catalog.

Holder, S. (Ed.). (2013). Library Collection Development for Professional Programs: Trends and Best Practices. Hershey, Pa.: Information Science Reference.
Call Number: Z675.U5 L5185 2013
Libraries are frequently called upon to select materials that meet their target users’ needs. This book provides practical advice on current collection development practices in different subject disciplines.

Lear, B. W. (2013). Adult Programs in the Library. Chicago: ALA Editions.
Call Number: Z711.92.A32 L43 2013 
This book provides guidelines on how to successfully design and implement library programs for adult patrons, including advanced programs such as online book discussions and offering programs via Skype and podcasts.

McKnight, S. (2010). Envisioning Future Academic Library Services: Initiatives, Ideas and Challenges. London: Facet.
Call Number: Z675.U5 E58 2010
This book provides strategies and innovative ideas that can help academic librarians provide services and programs to meet the changing demands of the academic community.

Smallwood, C. & Becnel, K. (2013). Library Services for Multicultural Patrons: Strategies to Encourage Library Use. Lanham: The Scarecrow Press.
Call Number: Z711.8 .L5285 2013
Academic, public and school libraries are becoming increasingly multicultural in the populations they serve and the resources they provide. This is a helpful book for librarians who strive to serve multicultural communities, as it provides practical advice for services and programs.

Worpole, K. (2013). Contemporary Library Architecture: A Planning and Design Guide. London: Routledge.
Call Number: Z679 .W83 2013 
With a focus on the most impressive contemporary institutions, this book provides case studies from famous library buildings and discusses practical design issues that need to be taken into consideration when developing a design plan for a library of any kind.


Below is a list of recommended ebooks on Library and Information Studies. For more ebooks, search the QNL Catalog.

Gupta, D. K., Massisimo, A. & Koontz, C. (2013). Marketing Library and Information Services II: A Global Outlook. Berlin: De Gruyter.
This book covers basic marketing concepts in the context of library and information services. It discusses issues such as gaining customer loyalty, web-based marketing and branding.

Mays, S. (Ed.). (2014). Libraries, Literatures, and Archives. New York: Routledge, Taylor & Francis.
This is an interesting book that discusses a variety of issues related to library science, including museum informatics, e-journals management and digital scholarship.

Melucci, M. & Baeza-Yates, R. (2011). Advanced Topics in Information Retrieval. Berlin: Springer.
The recent research results in advanced information retrieval issues in this book go beyond the basic models and theories to address digital libraries, aggregated search, web knowledge discovery and much more.

Ralhan, P. (2009). Current Tools and Techniques in Library Science. Jaipur, India: Oxford Book Co.
Library networking, digital infrastructure, ebooks in libraries and multimedia are some of the current tools and techniques in library science that are covered in this book.

Tella, A., & Issa, A. O. (2011). Library and Information Science in Developing Countries: Contemporary Issues. Hershey, Pa: IGI Global.
The authors provide case studies examining the challenges facing library and information science in developing countries, such as Zambia, Pakistan, India, Nigeria and more.


Below is a list of suggested e-journals with articles relating to library and information studies:

Information and Culture
The journal publishes historical studies of topics that fall under information studies, including the intellectual history of the concept of information; the historical development of information as an aspect of society; the history of information work and information workers across society; and the history of information-seeking behavior in everyday life.

Library Trends
A quarterly peer-reviewed academic journal that features international developments and future directions in the fields of library and information science, analysis of research and writing, critical opinion, and reviews.

Library Administrator's Digest
A journal reviewing current library news and innovations from newsletters and the press, with a focus on public libraries.

Computers in Libraries
A monthly magazine that provides complete coverage of the news and issues in the ever-changing field of library information technology, with a focus on the practical applications in school, academic and special libraries.

International Research: Journal of Library and Information Science (LIS)
An open access, peer-reviewed journal specializing in the field of library and information science and publishing original research papers, survey reports, reviews and opinions.

Online Resources

Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)
An excellent free directory offering open access to journals in various scientific and scholarly subjects ranging from the humanities and social sciences to technology and medicine.

ODLIS: Online Dictionary for Library and Information Science
A free online dictionary listing terminology from the library and information science field, in addition to terminology from related fields such as computer science and telecommunications.

An open access digital repository for documents in the field of library and information science.

American Library Association (ALA) Accredited LIS Programs
A resource for finding master’s degree programs accredited by the ALA, required for most professional librarian positions.

Online Writing Lab (OWL)
An excellent resource from Purdue University that provides writing resources and instructional material for writers and researchers, including different citation styles, such as APA, MLA and Chicago Manual of Style.

Organizations and Associations

International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA)
IFLA is the leading international body representing the interests of library and information services and their users. It is the global voice of the library and information profession.

Association for Information Science and Technology (ASIS&T)
ASIS&T is an organization for information professionals leading the search for new and better theories, techniques and technologies to improve access to information.

Arab Federation for Libraries and Information (AFLI)
AFLI is the leading professional organization for Arab librarians and information professionals.


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