Social Sciences

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Social sciences include a wide range of disciplines such as sociology, economics, political science, and law; all of which study man's relationship to other humans and help define the various policies associated with community.

This guide provides an overview of recommended QNL collections on social sciences such as databases, books, journals, reference and other resources, printed or digital, that are accessible through different websites and platforms.

Please search the QNL Catalog to find out which of the recommended resources can be accessed in digital format on the QNL website. The catalog also indicates where these resources can be obtained if available only in a printed format.

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Below is a list of databases of articles, books, ebooks and more related to social sciences. For a comprehensive list of QNL databases, take a look at the Online Resources

Encyclopedia Britannica Academic Edition 
This online version of the standard encyclopedia includes an Arabic translation tool, full-text journal and magazine articles, and Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary.

Sociology Collection
This database provides access to more than 300 full-text journals in sociology and social work, including sociological abstracts and social services abstracts.

Entrepreneurship Database (ProQuest)
This database delivers vital entrepreneurial information, such as video clips, business plans, market research, start-up plans and templates, journal and magazine contents, business cases, working papers, conference proceedings, full-text dissertations, blogs, and company profiles.

The JSTOR archive includes more than 1,500 leading academic journals in the humanities, social sciences and sciences. The entire archive of journals (from volume 1, issue 1) is provided, with an embargo for the most recent three years.

Print Books

Below is a list of recommended books related to social sciences. For more books, search the QNL Catalog

Baglione, L. A., (2012). Writing a Research Paper in Political Science: A Practical Guide to Inquiry, Structure, and Methods. Thousand Oaks: California Press.
Call Number: JA86 .B24 2012 
If you are writing your first research paper, this book will help you with the first lines. It will help you craft the right research questions, find good sources and properly summarize them.

Johnson, J. B., (2012). Political Science Research Methods. Los Angeles: CQ Press.
Call Number: JA71 .J55 2012 
Another source for your research writing methods that will set the standards for relevancy and the authors tried to refine their popular text to be easier and more welcoming.


Below is a list of recommended ebooks related to social sciences. For more ebooks, search the QNL Catalog.

Byrne, D. (2011-02-16). Applying Social Science: The Role of Social Research in Politics, Policy and Practice. Policy Press.
A central argument in this book is that there is no such thing as a 'pure' science of the social, and that a recognition of the inevitability of application imposes obligations on social scientists wherever they work, which challenges the passivity of most in the face of inequality and injustice.

Dvoskin, J., Skeem, J., Novaco, R. & Douglas, K. (Eds.), (2011). Using Social Science to Reduce Violent Offending. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
This academic view addresses how social science can be applied to improve corrections policy across the justice system.

Smelser, N. & Adamson, B. (2012). Usable Social Science. University of California Press.
This book gathers standards in the organizational decision-making process, outlining policies for social topics such as social behavior, networking and research methods.


Contemporary Review
A quarterly journal, founded in 1866, covering day-to-day topics such as politics, international affairs, literature and art history.

Journal of Social Sciences
A quarterly peer-reviewed international journal focuses on social groups and human society.

The Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences
An open-access peer-reviewed journal focuses on social science issues such as anthropology, business studies and communication studies in an effort to provide an intellectual platform for scholars. It seeks to fulfill its objectives of becoming the world’s leading journal on social sciences.

Innovation: The European Journal of Social Sciences
This provides a unique platform to discuss contemporary issues in order to improve social science knowledge and adopt a policy-focused perspective on Europe.

Journal of Research in Gender Studies
A peer-reviewed journal deals with a wide range of topics, including feminist approaches that analyze scholarly inquiry relating to gender, femininity, masculinity, race, class, culture and religious identities.

Online Resources


Hukoomi: Qatar E-government
The official Qatari government portal, Hukoomi offers the information and services you need to live, work or stay in Qatar.

Association for Gulf and Arabian Peninsula Studies (AGAPS)
The AGAPS is an association that seeks to promote standards of scholarship and instruction within the Arabian Gulf region.

Economist Intelligence Unit 
The Economist Intelligence Unit provides access to country-focused financial conditions, techniques and regulations, and economic and business forecasts. The subscription includes a global country forecast, global country reports, global views wire and global country data.

Qatar Stock Exchange (QSE)
The QSE is an important national and regional capital marketplace for issuers to raise capital and for investors to trade securities and derivatives products.

The World Bank
The World Bank is an essential source of financial and technical assistance to developing countries around the world.