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Mathematics is the primary language spoken in science, logic, computer, architecture, agriculture, economics, astronomy, electronics, statistics, physics, navigation, etc. No single science or a branch of knowledge can exist without mathematics.

This guide provides an overview of recommended QNL collections on mathematics such as databases, books, journals, reference and other resources, printed or digital, that are accessible through different websites and platforms.

Please search the QNL Catalog to find out which of the recommended resources can be accessed in digital format on the QNL website. The catalog also indicates where these resources can be obtained if available only in a printed format.

For study or general reference questions and further assistance on how to find relevant materials for your information needs, please feel free to contact us through the Ask QNL Librarians service.


The following databases can be used to search for articles, books, ebooks and other materials related to mathematics. For a comprehensive list of QNL databases, please visit QNL Online Resources

Oxford University Press Journals
This database provides easy access to all issues of more than 230 academic and research journals in human and social sciences, as well as general sciences. It allows users to search by title of journal or article.

The general search page will simultaneously search most ProQuest databases.

Science Direct is a full-text database of scientific books and open access journals covering physical sciences, engineering, life sciences, health, social sciences and the humanities.

This large collection includes scientific, technical and medical ebooks and journals; ebooks that do not show a summary are available in full text.

Taylor & Francis Ebooks
This collection of more than 45,000 full-text book titles covers humanities, social sciences, behavioral sciences, medicine, built environment, science, technology and law.

Print Books

Below is a list of recommended print books related to mathematics. For more books, search the QNL Catalog.

Barrow, J. (2010). 100 Essential Things You Didn't Know You Didn't Know: Math Explains Your World. New York, NY: W. W. Norton & Company.
Call Number: QA99 .B188 2010
This book shows how mathematics can solve a wide variety of problems, and is highly recommended for those who are mathematically and scientifically inclined.

Elwes, R. (2012). The Math Handbook: Everyday Math Made Simple. USA: Quercus.
Call Number: QA135.6 .E59 2011
With an introduction and easy guide to day-to-day mathematics, this book is specially designed for people who believe they are not good at math.

Gibilisco, S. (2012). Everyday Math Demystified. USA: McGraw-Hill Professional.
Call Number: QA93 .G37 2013
This practical guide to basic math includes quizzes and a final exam at the end. It starts with counting and using simple operations, then progresses to converting decimals into fractions and measuring capital gains and losses.
Krasa, N. and Shunkwiler, S. (2009). Number Sense and Number Nonsense: Understanding the Challenges of Learning Math. Maryland, USA: Paul H. Brookes Publishing.
Call Number: QA141.15 .K73 2009
Math educators can use this reference to better understand how students’ brain works during the many complex facets of learning math.

Laing, L. (2011). Math for Grownups. Avon, MA: Adams Media
Call Number: QA93 .L27 2011
This resource for everyday math is designed for adults who want to learn or re-learn basic math such as percentages, interest rates, return on investments and other practical problems.


This is a list of recommended ebooks on mathematics. For more ebooks, search the QNL Catalog.

Beveridge, C. (2012). Basic Maths Practice Problems for Dummies.
This mathematics-made-easy coaching book on practical math problems guides the reader to master basic arithmetic, fractions, geometry, weights and measures, money problems, and chart/table/graph reading.

Crato, N. (2010). Figuring it Out: Entertaining Encounters with Everyday Math.
This book contains a set of short stories and essays about mathematics as it is used in the lives of everyday people, showing the beauty of mathematics in action.

Hansen, M. (2011). Master Math: Business and Personal Finance Math.
Consult this book to learn and improve skills in business math and personal finance, such as credit and loans, insurance, investments, inventory, sales, marketing and more.

Immergut, B. (2009). Master Math: Solving Word Problems: Analyze Any Word Problem, Translate It Into Mathematical Terms, and Get the Right Answer!
This comprehensive reference guide explains math word problems in an easy-to-follow style and format. It begins with basic problem types and progresses through to more advanced word problems, such as basic equations, percentages, statistics and probability.

Schoenborn, Barry. (2013). Math for Real Life for Dummies.
This reference tool provides tips for understanding and using basic math concepts in the workplace, at home, while playing games and in other everyday situations.


Below is a list of suggested e-journals with articles relating to mathematics.

Applied Mathematical Finance
Aimed at financial experts, applied mathematicians and academics, this journal publishes articles on modeling market behavior and imperfections, numerical methods, pricing of financial derivative securities, and financial engineering.

IMA Journal of Management Mathematics 
A journal that publishes mathematical quantitative research relevant to managers in profit, not-for-profit, third party, and governmental or public organizations.

Mathematical Thinking and Learning
This journal is directed at researchers interested in mathematics education, particularly focusing on mathematical thinking, reasoning and learning.

The Mathematics Teacher
Devoted to improving mathematics instruction in grade school and supporting teacher education programs, this journal provides a forum for sharing activities and pedagogical strategies, deepening understanding of mathematical ideas, and linking mathematics education research to practice.

Research in Mathematics Education
This journal publishes original refereed articles on all aspects of mathematics education.

Online Resources

Anneberg Learner
Both students and teachers can find helpful interactive learning tools on the Anneberg Learner site.
This resource offers homework help, tutoring, calculators and tools, and information on basic math concepts.

PurpleMath contains test prep, basic algebra lessons, and links to online tutorials, quizzes and worksheets.

TeacherTube Math
This channel is a mathematical resource containing videos on the history of mathematics, how to solve math problems, and math songs.

The Math League
Clearly written and easy to read, the Math League offers articles and resources covering basic mathematics.


“Mathematics has beauty and romance. It's not a boring place to be, the mathematical world. It's an extraordinary place; it's worth spending time there.”
Marcus du Sautoy

“Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas.”
― Albert Einstein


RSS Feeds

A Brief History of Mathematics
This BBC-sponsored RSS feeds includes podcasts on the history of mathematics.
This site provides access to the latest news on mathematics, mathematical science and math technology.

ScienceDaily offers access to the latest research news on mathematics and related areas.