Micro-, Small and Medium Enterprises Day

By: Hadia H. Elkhalifa, Editor and Publications Specialist
Translated by: Abolhaggag Bashir, Arabic Content Writer
enterprises day


Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) have a significant role in the world economy. They help achieve sustainable development goals (SDGs) by generating job opportunities for families and individuals, not to mention their role in promoting innovation and empowering the youth. The United Nations General Assembly has declared 27 June of each year Micro-, Small and Medium Enterprises Day to raise awareness of their importance and role in supporting the global economy and the growth of societies.

According to United Nations’ statistics, micro-, small and medium enterprises make up 90% of all firms, account for 70% of total employment, and 50% of GDP. In emerging markets, most formal jobs are generated by SMEs, which create seven out of 10 jobs.

By 2030, 600 million new jobs will be needed to accommodate the growing global workforce. In this respect, micro-, small and medium enterprises have a crucial role in enabling economic growth, providing good jobs and developing infrastructure. The State of Qatar attaches great importance to entrepreneurship and innovation, as well as supporting start-ups, and SMEs. Financing small and medium companies is at the core of achieving SDGs along with giving micro-, small and medium enterprises access to financial services. In addition to financing, the State of Qatar has also created business incubators, developed training programs for entrepreneurs, established specialized centers to provide support and advice, and provided those interested in the trade and business sector with access to the necessary resources and information. 

Qatar National Library curates a wide range of print and electronic resources aimed at entrepreneurship and small and medium-sized enterprises, which we invite all those interested in to access and make use of. 

Here is a curated list of books and resources on entrepreneurship and SME management:


Click here to view our comprehensive guide in English for entrepreneurship and small and medium enterprises, with a large number of print and electronic books, resources, articles, dissertations, learning opportunities, statistics and reports.

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