Young Adults Summer Camp 2022

Virgilio Medina Jr
Former Information Services Librarian - Young Adults
YA summer camp

Qatar National Library’s Young Adults’ Department organized the 3rd Young Adults’ Summer Camp between 23 July and 11 August this year. The event offered a variety of activities related to arts, graphic design, books, hands-on experiments, engineering and robotics, allowing young adults to experience what the Library can offer during the summer break.

One of the sessions, “How to become a scientist”, aimed to provide authentic learning experiences that could inspire attendees to follow careers in science by engaging them in scientific experiments. Following this, participants were able to understand the process of sublimation and had group discussions on what they had observed.

Karthik Joshy, one of the attendees, said: “This session was all good. It was an excellent activity that helped us understand how things work, especially in our surroundings. I’m looking forward to seeing more like this.” Diya Jacinto added: “The Library should organize more activities like this because they make me more excited to come here.”

Another session focused on robotics, where participants learned the basic and different types of robot and how they could be useful in our everyday lives. This was followed by actual demonstrations of different robots performing tasks like drawing an object, following a line drawn on the floor, and other tasks that humans can do. Overall, the session was well attended and received excellent feedback from participants.

The Library partnered with several institutions, like Birla Public School and Nutty Scientists-Qatar, to ensure that the summer camp provided enjoyable and fun-filled learning experiences – and as organizers we would like to thank all our partners for making these events possible.

To those young adults who would like to know what’s going on inside the Library in the coming weeks, please visit this link. You can also find updates about the Library’s resources, services, and events for young people in the Young Adults’ Libguide.

We look forward to welcoming you in the future to Qatar National Library! To see the full list of our events, click here.


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