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Science readings are one of the most important aspects of human and economic evolution in modern societies. Today, a large portion of Arab youth are introduced to the importance of exploring scientific and technical advances through methodological reading and assimilation of the basic scientific facts that govern our world's evolution. However, questions related to climate change, water resources, desertification, space exploration, renewable energy, food security and others that define the sustainable development of Qatar and the region remain poorly understood, let alone available in the public domain for readers.

To address this deficiency, in 2018 the Library established the Science Book Forum, an initiative to encourage science reading. This is achieved by holding public forums that discuss influential books and scientific papers on crucial topics of general interest, and by addressing scientific misconceptions. We will also host monthly follow-ups for readers to meet scientists and the authors of the books discussed in the forums.



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Our objectives are to:  

  • Encourage the next generation to enroll in science and engineering studies in Qatar and the MENA region by igniting their scientific curiosity and critical thinking through reading science books 
  • Host public discussions on scientific books and ideas that have substantially changed human intellectual evolution, especially in areas relevant to the Arab region
  • Establish the Library as the first library in the region with a science reading initiative that helps communicate scientific questions of relevance to Arab readers nationally, regionally and worldwide

The Science Book Forum is chaired by Dr. Essam Heggy, a research scientist in earth and planetary sciences and a member of several space experiments that aim to address key questions on Earth and planetary evolution.